Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dawn Of A New Age

As symbolic as my title sounds, it's actually very literal. Today marks exactly 6 months until my 40th birthday. Though time constraints have kept me away from actually blogging in a while, the thoughts and words and have been swirling in my head. Though I may not have come to write them down, consistent prayer, meditation and self evaluation keep me focused and steadfast in achieving my goals.

However, I felt like today deserved an actual blog. I am truly staring down the path of a new age. This is a very exciting time for me. I know and trust I am coming into my own. Gone are the days where I even consider how my life's work is even viewed by naysayers. I KNOW I am on the proper course. What's more, I am enjoying the journey. It's not about getting to a certain destination. I have goals yes. And I am accomplishing many of them. I also fail at some of them. However, I have completely embraced not only the NOW that I live in. I accept that I am on a journey that will last my whole life. I am not working to get to a final destination.

So here at the tail end of 39, let me share with you where I stand, Never have I been in a better place emotionally. Spiritually I am on an incline that amazes me. The gifts of spiritual insight that God has given me and my faith have never been stronger. It's humbling, empowering, all encompassing. I actually lack words to articulate it. But I am grateful. It guides every other portion of my life. As a result I have never been more fulfilled. I have never felt more loved, for I have learned more fully to accept love. I have learned to harness and express love on a more spiritually mature level. I have never been surrounded by more authentic relationships. I have eliminated toxic people and influences. Furthermore, my rules for engagement require that I cutoff anyone who operates in toxicity.

My goal is to walk into 40 more mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy than I have ever been. I look forward to sharing and possibly inspiring anyone who takes the time to read my blog. Peace and love friends xoxo

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