Saturday, February 12, 2011

About Love

So I started out this Valentine's weekend at a funeral. Then came home to settle down to a gut wrenching movie about how true love can basically KILL you. I gotta admit it's having a tremendous effect on my psyche (not to mention my libido). I'm doing my best to open my mind, find the positives, and look at the big picture. But, quite frankly, I'm in a bit of a funk. I know this post is the exact opposite of my last one on happiness *shrugs* but that's where I'm at at this particular moment. Today I feel like life no matter how hard you plan and try is just difficult. Is love worth the pain we go through to experience it? Where should we set the boundaries of how far is far enough to go for love? Does the equal portion of how much you hurt because of love compared to the love you feel for someone have a limit? That kind of makes makes the whole I love you to death cliche less theoretical and more realistic doesn't it. As frustrated as I feel about all of this right now, my experiences with loved ones leads me to one frustrating but overwhelming conclusion as to whether or not love is worthwhile .....YES. *deep sigh*


  1. Life throws all sorts of stuff at us doesn't it?

    Bridled Chaos! LOL

    staying the course through the storms...

    God bless!