Sunday, March 10, 2013

Extreme Living... How's that working out for you?

I'm wondering how the wonderful world of extremism is going for those who live that way. Is it just me or have you noticed how unhappy and contentious people who operate by those principles seem to be? All or nothing is a stance that seems to be fairly unproductive in most cases. There are exceptions to every rule. Aside from that, what works for one person, may not be right for someone else.

There is a serious decline in critical thinking in society these days. Let me implore you to live a thoughtful purposeful life. Anything less than that is little more than exsisting. I know it can be comforting to fall back on prescribed schools of thought that have already been established. But, group think is a scary thing. You can be a part of a group and still have your own opinions. If you can't, you're part of the wrong group!

I sit back day after day and see people who are part of a community proclaim, "It's my way or the highway!" Most of them are contentious and angry. I see a trend in trying to rebuff and vilify anyone with an opposing philosophy. Why? In order for you to be right does someone else have to be wrong all of the time. Since when is someone's wrongness an automatic gateway into villain-hood? This train of thought is woefully lacking in too many ways to characterize.

No one gets their way all the time. If you are expecting to have your way all the time, expect to continue living that frustrated, upset, irrational course that you are on. I have personally watched people isolate family members and friends who choose different life choices. It's been a sad observation. In the end no one really wins. Such behavior is usually rooted in control an manipulation. If the point of contention is not life threatening, why are you so insistent that a person act and live according to your prescribed way of life.

I went to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak a few months ago. His words gave life to my emotions on this subject. He said if I might paraphrase; "Quit thinking that everyone needs to act exactly how you act. Everyone does not need to live just like you live. Everyone is not going to have the same exact thoughts and opinions as you. If to people act, walk, talk, dress, and feel the same way, only one of them is needed." Your's truly initiated thunderous applause in an auditorium full of people.

Differences in people make the world go 'round. Vive la différence! Dwell you must in the land of extremisim. A place where you MUST have your way. A place where what YOU want takes precedence over every other person's choice and opinion. Here I abide in the land of moderation. A place where I respect your right to your own opinion, even if I have no respect for the opinion you hold. I will sit back and enjoy the show....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Things are Universal

I am not sure what I identify with more. The look of love and happiness in the eyes of a person when the've found true love, or the look of anguish after losing a someone. I was just browsing the internet news. I saw a picture of a young Hollywood starlet who is back in the spotlight after a recent breakup. I felt an immediate kindred connection with the sadness in her eyes. She is in pain. Her hair is spectacular, her outfit is stunning, the makeup....flawless. But her eyes, the window to her soul, they speak the truth. The truth is, she has loved and lost.

I know I recently wrote a letter to Hollywood denouncing my personal interested in all it has to offer. I spoke of the plastic nature of personalities and lifestyles. But, far be it for me to dismiss the humanity of a person. I am not without empathy or sympathy. A person in pain is a person in pain, and I feel for you. A person in love is a person is love and I toast you.

That glimpse at her humanity was a reminder that you shun the practice of things that profit you little. However, we must shun the practice not the person. Our ability to relate to another individual is what separates people from most other animals. Wishing that young lady a path to healing and happiness.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! ...Maybe...Hopefully...

I found these interesting pieces of pottery on a recent shopping expedition. They incorporate nicely with the color schematics of my interior design. Being that I'm raising little ones, I put all breakable merchandise out at my own risk. 

My adorable  rambunctious daughter broke said pottery last week. After 2 solid weeks of lecturing the need to be careful with/and around fragile things, she knocked it over in her haste. Needless to say, I was not at all happy. After all of my lamentations, my vessel was broken. 

When the smoke cleared and cooler heads prevailed I carefully examined the broken pieces. Could I fix it? It was worth a shot... I picked up the broken pieces and carefully mended it back together. When I was finished it looked at it had never been broken. I was amazed at how perfectly put together it appeared. It was impossible to see that it had ever been broken,

Recently I looked at the broken vase. It gave me hope that broken people can be put back together also. Often times we take calculated risks that can cause is pain and injury. Trust is a calculated risk... love is a calculated risk. Everybody goes through drama and tribulation. Some people are broken and poorly pieced back together. But, this vessel was a pleasant reminder that even if you have been completely broken there is a chance that you can once again be made whole. Can you fix it? It's worth a shot...