Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Things are Universal

I am not sure what I identify with more. The look of love and happiness in the eyes of a person when the've found true love, or the look of anguish after losing a someone. I was just browsing the internet news. I saw a picture of a young Hollywood starlet who is back in the spotlight after a recent breakup. I felt an immediate kindred connection with the sadness in her eyes. She is in pain. Her hair is spectacular, her outfit is stunning, the makeup....flawless. But her eyes, the window to her soul, they speak the truth. The truth is, she has loved and lost.

I know I recently wrote a letter to Hollywood denouncing my personal interested in all it has to offer. I spoke of the plastic nature of personalities and lifestyles. But, far be it for me to dismiss the humanity of a person. I am not without empathy or sympathy. A person in pain is a person in pain, and I feel for you. A person in love is a person is love and I toast you.

That glimpse at her humanity was a reminder that you shun the practice of things that profit you little. However, we must shun the practice not the person. Our ability to relate to another individual is what separates people from most other animals. Wishing that young lady a path to healing and happiness.

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