Friday, September 16, 2011

Soul Mate

There is a void in my soul 

Only YOU can fill

With one touch of your hand over my heart

I inhale deeply...slowly and breathe YOU in

Then, and only then is balance restored

I am not half a person waiting for my other half

I am a whole person, whose life is incomplete without YOU...


  1. Wow that was a little deeper than I expected at 7AM in the morning. I barely can stumble out to the curb to find the paper much less contemplate my inner self! Very nice and hope to read more - thanks!! W.C.C.

  2. LOL! I waited until 8 AM(EST) to post. It popped in my head around 4:30 AM. Part of my nutritious breakfast I suppose :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Oh my that was exceptionally erotic yet sad. I'd call that a tragic love

  4. That's an interesting perspective...I supposed it's subject to interpretation based off of one's experience.

  5. it sounds as if it comes directly from one's experience. a very sad display of never having what you long for or what you want.

  6. I consider it a more universal theme than that. Its more about the connection between to souls. Whether they have an opportunity to come together or not. It acknowledges the kinship that exists. Though it would be sad if they did not have the opportunity to join and be fulfilled.

  7. yet it would make the story that much more compelling if souls were never connected again, for it makes seizing moments that much more important, rarely in life do people get a mulligan in life.