Thursday, September 27, 2012


I will rise... above what I WANT to do, in order to do what is best
I will rise... above what I ESTEEM, to operate in what is right
I will rise... above SELFISH ambitions for the good of others

I will rise... above PAIN in pursuit of peace
I will rise... above CONFUSION in hopes of enlightenment
I will rise... above DISAPPOINTMENT in expectation of contentment 
I will rise... above DISSATISFACTION on a quest for fulfillment

I have decided that I will rise to the occasion in the midst of life's difficult situations...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Crash

As far as the east is from the west, is how great my love is for you...

HOPE was travling south bound, as LOVE traveled east. There appears to have been a malfunction with the signaling device. HOPE and LOVE collide. There sat LOVE, a mangled wreck. HOPE sped away.

What does LOVE do when HOPE is gone?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Staring at the Sky

Sometimes I sit and stare at the sky, and take comfort in the fact that we share the same sun rays and moon beams...

Monday, September 10, 2012

I finally had a chance to upload pictures off my camera. Life has been very hectic. But I will not twist my lips to complain. In going through the pics I noticed this one. And it just spoke to me. This photo is completely untouched.

Let me tell you that the small business that my husband and I started less than 2 years ago has tripled in size. Then take a minute to look at the picture. Specifically the glorious magnificent clouds and light shining down upon us. It makes you think doesn't it?

A is for Awkward

That awkward moment when you're in church praying and a stranger comes in and blows a ram errr is that a jackalope horn....

I couldn't make this up.... *blank stare
I am a church girl tried and true. I was born to a Pentecostal minister turned pastor. I have seen a lot of things go on in the pews. THIS is a first.  Christian brothers and sisters I do declare, it is time for an intervention. The trend towards acting deep is transitioning into acting flat out bizarre! It is not our rituals that make us "deep". Please quit pouring through the Old Testament looking for the most asinine Judaic traditions and taking them on a test drive.

I spend most of my time trying to apply what I know to my life. Some of the main biblical principals I live my life by are:

  1. Move in love. That was Jesus' final commandment before The Ascension. It's not an option or a suggestion.
  2. The actual deeper meanings in the Bible often come from the underlying concept that is being portrayed, and not necessarily the action itself. Don't make a doctrine out of everything you read a biblical figure did.
  3. Worship is a lifestyle not an event. I believe our entire existence has been fashioned to glorify God. 
There are so many other things I could say here. But I don't want to get sidetracked from my main point. It's time to get back to the very basics in Christian living. There is no new gig that makes you a deeper "child of God" than anyone else. People may have different positions in the church, but no one is more important. The Bible teaches us that there are many members of one body. Everyone has a function, and it is important. I have learned that God is no respecter of persons. So don't be fooled or impressed by the religious tomfoolery that you see circulating through today's congregations.

Friday, September 7, 2012

2 thumbs

(Audio Clip -->)  2 thumbs

My darling boy's growth spurts are spiraling out of control. In just the last month he's gained another half inch in height and don't even get me started on his shoe size. He told me this morning he needs more shirts. Shopaholic that I am, I was more than happy to oblige setting out to find him some new ones :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who Do You Think I Am?

Tears (of joy) are forming in my eyes right now as I blog this. I just wanted to write this down while I remember it. I'll look back on this from time to time and smile. :)

I was rushing to get my son out the door and to the bus. He stopped as he stepped over the threshold and looked at me. "Are we running so late? We don't have time to pray?" 

I pray with my kids everyday before they head off to school. It's an important part of  exercising my faith. I am absolutely inclined to believe that God hears me when I pray. More importantly, it's an opportunity for me to speak positive helpful things into their lives that they can recall throughout the day. I remind them of who they are, what we are trying to instill in them, and the values they should both present and represent to those who come across their paths. 

Most of us who are in the throws of parenting often wonder wether we're doing a good enough job. I WANT to talk the talk AND walk the walk. Every stage of parenting, as your child grows, has it's challenges. I have to be honest. This situation felt like one of the most honorable instances I have ever been in.  If a prayerful spiritual person is who I am in the minds of my children, I am one happy woman.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waiting for My Aha Moment

So, I have been avoiding the elephant in the room. The room being my brain. The elephant being the topic I am failing to blog about. Could that be anymore cryptic? Lol.  I am avoiding it for 2 reasons. First and foremost I am not writing about it because I am still dealing with the issues. My blog is for soapboxing....I have no opinion/ argument to lay down yet. And secondly, because I am totally lost on which direction and which position to take.

I've always heard that every 10 years or so, you can look back and see a huge change in who you are. I have always maintained that I have essentially been the same person as long as I can remember. If you knew me in high school, and you know me now... there's not going to be a large change in my overall character.

Sure my priorities have changed as life has changed. I'm married, I'm a mother I've received more formal education etc... but the essence of who I am.... solid as a rock. (You read my poem right?) I'm fine with that. I'm actually pretty happy with that. But I am sensing not an "evolution" of myself. I am sensing a that I am on the brink of an "aha revelation". Until that occurs, I'll bite my tongue on what I've been going through.

There are some FOUNDATIONAL shifts taking place in my mind right now. The person that I am, and the stances I would normal navigate to seem to be in transition. It's an uncomfortable space, but I am open in mind and spirit to these changes. We'll see how things pan out. 

I'm just very thankful for a girlfriend that will sit and talk and explore life with me. I adore her! I am blessed to have a partner that will link up with me, and wade through this complicated situation we refer to as living. I love him!

For now I am content to stay open and ready to receive the knowledge and wisdom that will undoubtedly come. I'm sure it will manifest in an unction of the spirit, a dream, or by a powerful revelation. It's almost within reach...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Beauty of Goodbye

I'm the type of girl who has always hated goodbyes. Closure is a big thing for me. When it comes to big important endings I have learned the hard way to say my goodbyes, because you might not have the opportunity to do so later. Nonetheless, it is very very difficult for me to do. I am starting to learn the importance of accepting the ending and moving on to what lies ahead. Sometimes hope lies in your goodbye. If life's not over, your story is not over. Goodbye allows you to head in the direction where you're supposed to be...

More on this topic later I'm sure