Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waiting for My Aha Moment

So, I have been avoiding the elephant in the room. The room being my brain. The elephant being the topic I am failing to blog about. Could that be anymore cryptic? Lol.  I am avoiding it for 2 reasons. First and foremost I am not writing about it because I am still dealing with the issues. My blog is for soapboxing....I have no opinion/ argument to lay down yet. And secondly, because I am totally lost on which direction and which position to take.

I've always heard that every 10 years or so, you can look back and see a huge change in who you are. I have always maintained that I have essentially been the same person as long as I can remember. If you knew me in high school, and you know me now... there's not going to be a large change in my overall character.

Sure my priorities have changed as life has changed. I'm married, I'm a mother I've received more formal education etc... but the essence of who I am.... solid as a rock. (You read my poem right?) I'm fine with that. I'm actually pretty happy with that. But I am sensing not an "evolution" of myself. I am sensing a that I am on the brink of an "aha revelation". Until that occurs, I'll bite my tongue on what I've been going through.

There are some FOUNDATIONAL shifts taking place in my mind right now. The person that I am, and the stances I would normal navigate to seem to be in transition. It's an uncomfortable space, but I am open in mind and spirit to these changes. We'll see how things pan out. 

I'm just very thankful for a girlfriend that will sit and talk and explore life with me. I adore her! I am blessed to have a partner that will link up with me, and wade through this complicated situation we refer to as living. I love him!

For now I am content to stay open and ready to receive the knowledge and wisdom that will undoubtedly come. I'm sure it will manifest in an unction of the spirit, a dream, or by a powerful revelation. It's almost within reach...

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