Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Pain in the Butt

     I have been reading various comments from acquaintences and friends about today's royal wedding. The overall consensus was what I expected. The princess looked lovely and there was far too much coverage on the event. I must admit. I was a bit miffed that I could not easily access the weather report as usual. However, all things being considered, I was impressed by the beauty and the ceremonial display of matrimony. Not because of the grandeur I saw. But because of the genuine feel of love the new couple seemed to have. I can only imagine that anyone that has felt adoring love for another was momentarily transported to whatever place and moment they felt the same way. For the vast majority of us it didn't take place in a Gothic church the scale of Westminster Abbey. It may have been somewhere simple or even undesirable. But the feelings of love which are universal were undoubtedly the same. As usual I look for how I can relate to others. I can't relate to dignitaries and royalty. But, I can relate to undying love and affection. That was enough to warm my heart and be grateful for a glimpse, and an opportunity to share in the celebration.
     For those who approached the occasion with contempt and criticism I say boo! I am extremely uneducated on the ongoings of The United Kingdom. Therefore, I don't have a leg to stand on when Brits complain. Clearly they may be addressing valid arguments. Of that, I have no way of knowing. But as to my American counterparts, get over it! What's your real complaint? It surely should not be about a prince and princes you know nothing about. At best you should be mad at the media for their unbalanced continuing coverage of events that have little effect on our county. These day's that's what the media does best. Being contemptuous because you "don't care" about this wedding though, kind of makes you look miserable, unhappy, and yes, like a bit of a hater. If you truly don't care, why are you wasting your breath and spreading negativity about a happy occasion? A happy person would not do that...just sayin'.
    One person in particular called it a display of elitism and whiteness. I call her words a display of bitterness and unhappiness. Prince William in no way needs to apologize for his whiteness or the circumstance in which he was born. I for one, have seen him walk in the footsteps of his mother and serve in African nations that most people don't give a second thought to. I commend him for that, and hope that he and his bride have a happily ever after story to go with their fairy tale wedding.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Sorry....That I got Caught

     I'm not sure what it is that got the old brain juices flowing here lately on this topic. But, it's stayed on my mind long enough that I decided to ramble on it for a while. I have noticed a trend lately with celebrities, athletes, and politicians, to give formally written (often times by other people) apologies. Can anyone tell me when this became an acceptable form of contrition?
     *Snaps my fingers* Now I remember what got me thinking on this. A particular athlete, who treated his wife like absolute trash by cheating on her and potential exposing her to any number of communicable diseases from the dozens of women he was with. I don't want to name him specifically. The issue is far larger than that particular incident. There is a segment of people out there who consist largely of celebrities and politicians that can say whatever they want whenever they want and then brush past it as if it's no big deal.
     I started to write this post at the beginning of April. Since I've started writing. Actors, athletes, and politicians alike have embarked upon continued flagrant, crazy, disrespectful, and even bigoted behavior.As long as you have a good publicist and an accomplished writer who can draft you and smartly worded apology you'll be just fine.
     As a parent, when our kids misbehave we often demand an apology be issued to the whomever was offended. I will even go so far as to say, "That wasn't good enough, you weren't sincere. Apologize like you mean it". I know realize that's all we're doing to individuals in the public spot light. They don't REALLY have to be sincere. They just have to apologize like they mean it! Generally, we know when are kids are not genuine or repentant for offensive actions. A parent that is serious about raising aware respectful young people will try to develop a sense of empathy in their children. Let's face it, that's one of the only ways you can treat someone else with respect. You need to try and empathize with others and hopefully treat them as you would want to be treated. Why then are we settling for fake, albeit well crafted and keenly edited and often times READ apologies, for highly offensive behaviors? "Say it like you mean it" apologies are for kids too little to understand or do any better than that.
     An apology that is insincere means little more than the offender is sorry...for getting caught, and that's all.