Friday, September 9, 2011

You Are What You Blog

     I really like the concept of blogging. It took me a while to decide whether or not I wanted to do it. However, I really feel like it's a forum in which I can cathartically express myself. Starting one was a good choice or me.

     Don't get me wrong I really enjoy social media. But, I look at Facebook as a way to stay in touch with family. Twitter is a cool way for me to interact with strangers. And, Tumblr seems like little more than on online diary, and stomping ground for the celebration of randomness. I plan to dip my virtual toes into Tumblr very soon, as I love all things random.

     Blogging for me seems to be a forum in which I can just be myself. I put things out there from my very own perspective and leave out there for people to embrace, reject, or ignore. But it's mine. It's all mine. No one else can have it. No one else is responsible for it. I just sit down and start typing often times with no clue as to where I'm going, or where I'll end up. I just want to get what I'm thinking out. No politics, no pretenses, my terms, love it or leave it.

     As I negotiate my way through the blogosphere, I have observed that many bloggers feel the same way. It makes many of us kindred at least in philosophy though the topics and perspectives be so diverse. You can tell about a person by what they blog. The thing I acknowledge about my self and it very evident in my writing is that I am a complete BEOTCH. I can no more change that trait, than someone who is shy can turn himself into an extrovert.  I'm strong willed and aggressive. It's a part of my personality whether I am happy or sad. Heck my blog name kind of clues you in on what I'm all about.

     I can say that as I get older, I am learning how to be more diplomatic and wise. I count my ability to bridle my personality and express myself in a way that can be at least heard if not received as maturity and wisdom. I rather feel sorry for brassy individuals who never establish credibility or influence because they spend their life blurting out their opinions. They are generally socially isolated because they don't account for the feelings of others. Where often judged as know it alls, disrespectful, ignorant, and or trouble makers.

     Blogging has been a way for me to get out all of those feelings productively. Then, literally turn around and address some of these very issues out loud in a much more productive way. The day I  got a box that was smashed to Hades from UPS, I got on here are sounded off on the importance of customer service and pride in your work. Afterwards, I was able to turn around and call the company and let them know in very direct, yet more constructive way that their service was not acceptable.

I think Hamlet got it right when he penned the phrase. "To thine own self be true." If I thought about it hard enough I'm sure I could come up with a scriptural reference along the same vane. My virtual soapbox gives me the ability to do just that.


  1. The ancient Egyptians stated man no thyself. But I get what your saying. Hats off. You are an awesome writer.

  2. Good luck on this 'new' endeavor but it sounds like you are on the right path. Be true to who you are, your thoughts, and you'll enjoy this and have like-minded people who also enjoy reading you as you share yourself. Another fun (and essential) part of blogging, (which I wish I had realized earlier) is that this is a community. You need to be part of it and be active in it. Only then can you fully maximize its benefits. Again, good luck and I'm looking forward to reading more :-))

  3. I appreciate your input. I am now starting to look for communities to join. I am very excited to meet new people, and learn and interact with others.