Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Waving and throwing kisses

As I laid in my bed this morning taking stock of 2013, a smile crossed my face. Perhaps it has something to do with positive affirmations being the first things whispered in my ear this morning. "I'm so happy with you.  I am so happy with life",  said my husband. Clearly he was taking stock as well. 

I've already stated, I don't wait until some monumental landmark date to address things in my life. I am doing my best to live day by day and play the cards that are being dealt to me. However, for the sake of others, I thought addressing any residual issues should be done before New Year's. It just seems like the compassionate thing to do. I've been left hanging in the balance. I have been denied legitimate closure. Far be it for me to ever afflict anyone with the same plight. I am happy to say that I am leaving no loose ends in 2013. Am I perfect? No. Is there PLENTY of room for improvement in 2014? You bet. But, in rolling the past year over in my mind, it was a great feeling that I have no need to reach out to anyone to apologize for anything. There's nobody I need to contact to clear the air. I consider that growth and improvement in the way I live my life. 

I can't do much to change anyone's opinion of who I am. Quite frankly, I'm not trying or even concerned about what most folks think of me. I am satisfied with the changes I have made on my quest of personal improvement. Those closest to me, who know me best, are satisfied with what I bring to the table of our relationships. I love and bless them because they have been honest, instrumental, and supportive in my continual development.

I am done looking back. I am done processing old disappointments and failures. Forward was the integral theme of last my paradigm shift. That shift took place in August and it has served me well. Forward I will continue to go. I have learned that I can take lessons from my past with me, without dragging all of the baggage that comes along with it. I have learned that carrying pain is not a badge of honor nor is it proof of love.  Letting go of pain instead of focusing on it, has been my most liberating revelation. 

I have wasted too much of my life poking and prodding wounds. I had a pattern of picking wounds and keeping them irritated. My wounds were important. They symbolized something important had happened. I was hurting, that meant I had cared about something. Finally, I understand. I am not meant to suffer. I started nursing my wounds, and they began to heal. It does not lessen my experience to let go of pain. Wounds are not what I should focus on. I may have scars but I don't have to stay wounded. The difference is this, wounds hurt. Scars do not. Scars are a reminder that you were hurt, but now you've healed. 

May good health mentally, physically, and spiritually be bestowed upon all of us who seek it. Happy New Year! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Candid Moment

Here I am making sure the hardest working man I know is comfy and well taken care of. We're still spending a little bit of time ticking away at the family business. But, boy it feels good to slow down and spend quality time together. I hope you're able to slow down and enjoy the things that matter to you most during the busy holiday season. Xoxo

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Second Wind

The advice most commonly given to those who are doing any form of strenuous exercise, is to keep going when you're ready to quit. Seasoned athletes have come to realize that there is a feeling of revitalization coming, and you'll be able to go further than you thought.

The same can be said about life. Life is not a sprint. It's a long haul. I have come to realize when it seems like I want to sit out and give up (not unto death don't worry) if I just keep pressing, I will be revitalized.  Life is a beautiful thing. It goes on! I have been trying to make sure I squeeze one last blog in before the New Year. In retrospect that's silly. Years are an excellent way to mark the passage of time. But I'm done with "waiting on New Years" to address anything that needs attention in my life. I'm doing my best not to drag any old mess into 2014, but the fact of the matter is, I am not waiting until the final moments of 2013 to let anything go. I release all that does not edify the life I am trying to live, when I recognize that it does not profit my purpose.

The last quarter of this year I found my second wind. I can and will continue to move forward. I can and AM growing mentally, spiritually and physically. I had a complete stranger walk up to me in the grocery store of all places this week. He told me that he could sense my profound sense of spirituality. That a force greater than me was radiating to the point in which he could sense it when he walked in my presence. My response......."Yes that's correct." I won't pretend that makes me sensational or special. What that makes me is a woman that is walking in her destiny. This palpable force is to be expected from anyone who is doing such. It doesn't mean that I am special. It means I am on the right track. Which loops my back to my original thought....I am on this track, my second wind has kicked in. I'm running on!

If I don't make it back to this blog before January 1st. THANK YOU for stopping by to read my words, and look at my pictures. I appreciate the likes and interaction I receive. Be blessed xoxox.