Thursday, April 5, 2012

RIP Martin Luther King Jr.....and Kurt Cobain

    I felt bad last night when I discovered that it was the anniversary of MLK Jr.s death. I saw a few video clips and pictures of him on the internet. But I failed to come across anything that actually said it was the anniversary of his death. I would have taken a little more time reflecting on his message and legacy and message had I known.
    I woke at approximately 6 am this morning to the Twitter Trending topic #RIPKurtColbain. That quickly alerted me to the fact that today must be the anniversary of his death. Growing up in the suburban midwest means that it was a HUGE deal when he passed. As high schoolers there were a plenty of kids trying to figure out why the tragedy of his life yeilded a dramatic end.
    I certainly don't want to take anything away from Kurt Cobain, I believe all life is precious. But I can' t help but feel a sense of sadness that a revolutionary trailblazer such as Dr. Martin Luther King barely surfaced on the radar yesterday. And, the sun rose on Mr Cobain's accolades today. 
     Like I said I believe all life is precious, and all souls equal. But let's face it. There are those whose contribution to the world are forever significant and deserved to be honored and exalted.  May God bless Kurt Cobain's soul, and may God CROWN Martin Luther King Jr. RIP

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  1. 18 years have passed since lead singer of Nirvana Kurt Cobain died. Visit his memorial @