Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pride and Predjudice

     I received a box in the mail courtesy of one of the major shipping and delivery companies. Since I am an online shopping addict, I tend to get drop offs on a regular basis. That being said, there is a certain protocol that i have become accustomed to when anxiously awaiting my "door prize". Since most packages are worth an insubstantial amount of money, Mr. Deliveryman usually knocks three times, rings the doorbell, sets the package down and walks away. That's the way our transactions take place 99% of the time.
      Things did not go the same way on this past delivery. There was no knock. My doorbell is in perfect working condition so I know it was never pushed. This time my package was dropped at the door with little or no indication to let me know it was there. There is not doubt in my mind that my package had been run over by something between the time it left the warehouse and the time it arrived at my doorstep. The box was crushed open on one side and then the entire package was haphazardly wrapped in packing tape.  Perhaps I just give off the aura of someone who would have made fuss. I have to admit I sure would have. I would have sent it straight back, and let all those involved figure out what happened and where. However, I was not given the opportunity to do so. I can only assume that the delivery driver was not up that challenge.
     I have titled this post Pride and Prejudice, because I personally I have a low tolerance for people don't take pride in what they do. I'm of the mind, that there is no dishonor in doing anything you do, as long as it's done honorably. One of the first questions we ask people when sizing them up is, what do you do for a living? There is a lot of importance placed on what job you have and how much money you make. Often times, I hear people forecasting their future status when they are dissatisfied with their current employment. They may say I work at the grocery store, but I am planning on going to law school. When I hear someone make such remarks I often think. What's wrong with working in the grocery store? Imagine what life would be like if nobody wanted to take that job.
     Nowadays everyone wants to come up with a fancy impressive title for their job position. "I am a adolescent recreational enhancement advisor." You're a gym teacher? Cool! Why not just say that. Like it or not some kids are gonna take gym way too seriously, and others are going to forge notes from home so they don't have to participate. The vast majority of students will fall somewhere in the middle. If you love what you do and put your heart into it, most everyone around you will respect you for it and give a little in return. It's not what you do that defines you, it's how you do it.
     Let's stick with the grocery store scenario shall we? Have you ever gone through a check out line and the store clerk was totally nasty? There have been times tellers wouldn't even look up and acknowledge my presence. How hot under the collar are you when that happens? When you come across a clerk who seems to have missed orientation on how to properly pack shopping bags, isn't that inconvenient? But, I for one celebrate a friendly clerk with good packing skills. Not only that, I thank them! My time unpacking has become less complicated because someone who took the time to do their job with expertise. The list could go on and on with examples of different people with different sets of responsibilities. Unfortunately, the ramifications of those with greater responsibility only gets worse.
     The world would be a better place it we give our best in whatever we do. Let's all commit to doing the best we can not only for our own satisfaction, but because we're all connected. We all have to work together to make the world function well. No judgments here, friends just observations and love. I'm stepping off my soap box...................now.


  1. I totally agree! 100 percent! Even the smallest jobs need doing, and we should take pride in every little thing we complete!

  2. Thanks! I have a little saying. If it's not done right then it's not done. :)