Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's Really Going On

     A particular subject has troubled me two times in as many days. For that reason I feel compelled to step up on my soap box and voice my opinion. Let me get straight to the point: Black People it is time to raise our standard... POW! There I said it. Well actually I typed it. But, if I were to SAY it, there would be a tremendous amount of attitude. You know, like the stereotypical black lady on reality TV attitude.
    Let me tell you what lit my fire concerning this subject. I was driving down the street flipping through the stations looking for some feel good music. It was one of those moments when your in a great mood and are looking for some tunes that express your sentiment. There's a great local station that plays a "mix" of music. I was rather enjoying myself but decided to see what was on the local urban station. I switched just in time to hear the word "'ho" poorly bleeped out of the song. Boy did that pump the brakes on my happiness. If you ask me, there are a very few circumstances in which it is appropriate to refer to a woman as a ho'. I am just crazy enough to actually try and stick with the original meanings of words for the sake of confusion. I am aware of all of the spin off's on the word and forgive me for saying they do not belong in main stream media at 6 pm. Oh wait is urban radio considered main stream? I can't help but notice that language is not readily found on country, alternative, or even most mixed music radio waves. Why then is it okay for the urban lover's ears?  
     Again this morning before 8 am I am  driving down the road and my ears were assaulted by lyrics celebrating the singers drunken stupor coupled with a request for his companion to pull her pants down. Really?!?! True enough it's 5 o'clock somewhere. But given your standard American English accent, I highly doubt he was in any exotic locale that would support his drunkenness during those tender hours of the morning.
     Before we go any further, and you write me off as a complete prude let me reveal to you that chocolate, wine, and sex (in no particular order) are at the very top of my personal list of carnal pleasures. Wine may be the newest passion on that list. I enjoy reading about it, shopping for it, and certainly drinking it. Chocolate targets the same area of the brain that is associated with love. Need I say more?  And R. Kelly used to sing, I don't see nothing wrong,with a little bump and grind.  I like to think that anyone walking away from a sexual experience with me has been satisfied beyond their wildest dreams. I'm sure some part of that my thought process is wishful thinking. But, sufficed to say I have had very little negative feedback over the years. Sorry, no references will be provided. You're just going to have to take my word on that. I'm not anti-sex. I imbibe enjoyable adult beverages. And when it comes to 'hoing I am more than capable of minding my own business. I have my own life so as a general rule I will only get so upset or involved in the life of anyone who is not looking for my input.
    My problem is that these topics seem to be the central theme of our culture. Why? I ask. Are these things all we are good for? Of course not. Yet we are debasing ourselves to the point in which such topics and issues have become deep seeded albeit stereotypical characteristics of who African Americans are. STOP IT! We as a culture of people are collectively better than that. Stop glorifying and glamorizing a lifestyle that will continue to cause unnecessary struggles to influential minds that look up to you. Do I personally think that celebrities are role models? No. Do I think that anyone who has the ability to influence ANYONE should use their influence for good? ABSOLUTELY. And let's not negate the fact that star power does exist. That's why celebs get endorsements. If you are willing to take an endorsement than you should be willing to use your influence in a responsible manner.
     I know there are a many contingent arguments that can accompany the struggles of our race. I know that many problems that come from neighborhoods and cities we populate have less to do with the color of our skin, and more to do with socio-economic status. I do not deny extenuating circumstances that add to the struggle of our culture. There are many. Let's just make it a point to live purposely and purposefully and continue to rise. One love y'all.

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