Thursday, January 27, 2011


    This morning the first thing I said to my son was "Time to get up." The second thing I said was "Stop talking and hurry up." The third thing I said to him was "What's irrigation?" His first two responses were little more than a head nod to acknowledge me. His third response was more lively. Irrigation?!?! Irrigation?!?! This is what you want to talk about in the morning???
     Of course this is not what I WANTED to talk about in the morning, was my initial thought but that rebuttal would have been counterproductive. I am the epitome of what could be described as a suburban chick. Give me a mall with The Gap, and a good meal at Applebees and I am perfectly happy at this point in my life. I have no interest in farming or irrigation. Heck, I don't even like gardening. My best attempt at such was ten years ago when I planted several varieties of annuals around the front landscape of my house. I haven't looked back since. Those lovelies just put up their pretty blossoms at the appointed time and season.
     But on this day, before the crack of dawn I am willing to talk about all things agricultural because I love my highly intelligent yet equally undisciplined child. I will discuss the positive and negative effects irrigation has on the environment with him since he doesn't quite care enough to give it his very best effort and would be happy with a mediocre grade. It may be a mild irritant for me right now but, I consider it an investment in his future. When his level of maturity begins to catch up with his intellect, I don't want him to behind.
     That's what you do for family. You do it because you love them. There's nothing that we shouldn't do to within reason to help our loved ones. I'm not so sure when and where things got jumbled, but God help me the day I go out of the way to help a stranger in need, but will not do the same for my family. Yet, it happens all the time. People in service positions want to make an impact on society and even the world.  They pick a cause. It may be orphans, or abused women and children, or public safety, or ministry, and all the while the people that are the right in their line of vision are not receiving the very best from them. At the end of the day, (or the beginning of the day in this particular case) our minds are already thinking ahead to those things we need to do. Often in our personal time we are distracted by other people who want/ need something from us. I propose we all slow down enough to look at and appreciate the people that will be around for the very most important and defining moments in our lives. Lets make sure that when life's most joyous or grievous occasions take place that we are not experiencing them with family members that feel more like strangers.  Making an important impact on someone, and ultimately the world starts with our loved ones.

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  1. good stuff. just good stuff. we got to get the fam back to number one.