Monday, March 14, 2011

Settling vs Acceptance

I am very randomly pondering the ideals of accepting circumstances in life. I think there has been a huge movement in American society to never settle for anything. You should always go after what you want and not be sidetracked. We do after all have a very individualized society when you compare it to other cultures. I suppose over the years the slogans have changed  but the ideology is the same. Some I can think of are 1) Be all the me I can be [that was a Saturday morning commercial adage meant to motivate kids] 2) Get 'er dun 3) and perhaps the most recent "do you". The meaning behind all of these mottos, I think, is the same. You are important and should get, and/or do what you think is important. I am wondering and perhaps leaning towards thinking we have gone a bit too far with that line of thinking. It seems as if perhaps we have become so self-centered  that we care less about the big picture and how it will affect others that we are close to. I have seen people so focused on their careers, education, material wants etc...that they will ignore or neglect the people that life's finer things are meant to be shared with.
It's time to stop step back and look at the whole picture. There is a time to simply accept some of your life circumstances. That's especially important, if where we want to be will cause unwanted effects on the other people in our life. It's time to reorganize and prioritize and set goals TOGETHER.  No man is an island. And when you finally get to where you're going you need to have someone there to sit and sip your tropical smoothie with.


  1. Despite what people might believe, nothing is done without someone else. You can't write a check that someone does not process so that the other person can get their money. A little out of the way in explaining but, let me go this way...we buy huge houses that we work thousands of hours for only to be annoyed that people want to visit. And, let someone you know mismanage their funds and lose their home. Do people open their doors? Nope, we go to church and say things like we do it better together but we don't believe one word of it.

  2. Sometimes I feel like an island too! But I fear I would end up like Tome Hanks in that movie back in the day. lol :)

    @ Ladell I feel you. I think the mindset of people tends to swing like a pendulum. We go from being all about self to realizing we need each other.