Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's a Special Day!

March 30, 2008- I awoke elated thinking that my water had broken only to find out that I was standing in a pool of steadily pouring blood. I called my sister who told me to get to the hospital right away. I remember the staff trying to ask me medical questions as they tried to prep me for surgery. I started blacking out and Richard had to answer them for me. Suddenly, I had 5 people standing around me all working on me at the same time. one was trying to start and IV line, one had a mask over my face, one was scrubbing my stomach, one was asking me questions, and the other one was at my feet. The whole time I kept trying to pray. I was trying to think on scriptures that I knew. But in the mass confusion, all I could do was think, "Jesus just help me." The girl with a million memory verses and prayers that storm boldly before the throne of grace, couldn't keep a thought in mind long enough to draw off any of those things that she usually does. But I had one belief that I was able to cling to. {Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. (Romans 8:26)} Even if I couldn't form the words God still understood. The last thing I remember is pulling my legs up and starting to go into the fetal position and the whole room yelling NOOOO! The rest of the story was told to me by a surgical tech. She hunted Richard down that same day, and me on her next scheduled shift just to say that my situation was nothing short of miraculous. The normal order of things is to take the baby first and then the placenta. Keep in mind that I was still continuously bleeding out. She told me that as soon as the doctor made the incision, that my placenta literally "jumped" out of my body and into the doctor's hands. The entire room froze. She said in her entire career she had never seen anything like that. But, had that not happened I would have bled to death, because my blood loss slowed almost completely. She told Richard you made the right choice driving them here. If you would have waited for an ambulance your wife and baby would be dead. From the time I entered the hospital until the time Scarlett was delivered was only 25 minutes. I awoke in more pain than I even knew was possible to feel, with an apology that there was no time to administer pain meds and the news that my baby girl was perfectly fine. In fact, her Apgar test was stronger than the average baby who has been under no distress. So I am extremely grateful for every day that I have been granted since 3/30/08. I am left with a crazy scar, a beautiful daughter and one more awesome testimony. And, I never second guess my role in life. It's not glamorous, it's usually pretty thankless. For the most part the only people who can appreciate what I do are generally those who are in the same position. I'm fine with that. I am a humble person but at the same time I KNOW that I am important. Because God took the time to stop by the hospital to see about me.

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  1. Amazing TESTIMONY! I am always grateful when you share it because you never know what childbirth can bring in our lives. There is so much to being a mother only a mother could understand.