Monday, September 10, 2012

A is for Awkward

That awkward moment when you're in church praying and a stranger comes in and blows a ram errr is that a jackalope horn....

I couldn't make this up.... *blank stare
I am a church girl tried and true. I was born to a Pentecostal minister turned pastor. I have seen a lot of things go on in the pews. THIS is a first.  Christian brothers and sisters I do declare, it is time for an intervention. The trend towards acting deep is transitioning into acting flat out bizarre! It is not our rituals that make us "deep". Please quit pouring through the Old Testament looking for the most asinine Judaic traditions and taking them on a test drive.

I spend most of my time trying to apply what I know to my life. Some of the main biblical principals I live my life by are:

  1. Move in love. That was Jesus' final commandment before The Ascension. It's not an option or a suggestion.
  2. The actual deeper meanings in the Bible often come from the underlying concept that is being portrayed, and not necessarily the action itself. Don't make a doctrine out of everything you read a biblical figure did.
  3. Worship is a lifestyle not an event. I believe our entire existence has been fashioned to glorify God. 
There are so many other things I could say here. But I don't want to get sidetracked from my main point. It's time to get back to the very basics in Christian living. There is no new gig that makes you a deeper "child of God" than anyone else. People may have different positions in the church, but no one is more important. The Bible teaches us that there are many members of one body. Everyone has a function, and it is important. I have learned that God is no respecter of persons. So don't be fooled or impressed by the religious tomfoolery that you see circulating through today's congregations.

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