Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! ...Maybe...Hopefully...

I found these interesting pieces of pottery on a recent shopping expedition. They incorporate nicely with the color schematics of my interior design. Being that I'm raising little ones, I put all breakable merchandise out at my own risk. 

My adorable  rambunctious daughter broke said pottery last week. After 2 solid weeks of lecturing the need to be careful with/and around fragile things, she knocked it over in her haste. Needless to say, I was not at all happy. After all of my lamentations, my vessel was broken. 

When the smoke cleared and cooler heads prevailed I carefully examined the broken pieces. Could I fix it? It was worth a shot... I picked up the broken pieces and carefully mended it back together. When I was finished it looked at it had never been broken. I was amazed at how perfectly put together it appeared. It was impossible to see that it had ever been broken,

Recently I looked at the broken vase. It gave me hope that broken people can be put back together also. Often times we take calculated risks that can cause is pain and injury. Trust is a calculated risk... love is a calculated risk. Everybody goes through drama and tribulation. Some people are broken and poorly pieced back together. But, this vessel was a pleasant reminder that even if you have been completely broken there is a chance that you can once again be made whole. Can you fix it? It's worth a shot...

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