Monday, March 12, 2012

Mean People {Senryu}

My chronic frustration over rudeness and unnecessary unkindness continues. This time it was triggered by a woman who generally portrays herself as a "God fearing" open hearted person, who's always inviting others to her local congregation to find happiness and fulfillment. I came across her laughing at another person's mean post about a very troubled person who recently passed away. It was just a shock to see her participate in such a mean conversation.

Theoretically I understand that there are all kinds of people in the world. Some people are kind and some are not. But her blatant hypocrisy just left a bad taste in my mouth. At this point, I just need to acknowledge that I am sensitive. Perhaps I am even overly sensitive. I may well need to develop a thicker skin. But I refuse to reject the premise that sympathy and empathy are what separate people from animals. I just don't see myself deciding to care less. As self righteous as my position sounds, please don't think I am in anyway looking down on anyone else. My list of faults is much longer than my list of virtues. But when it comes to loving kindness, I've mastered that.

I decided to write what I thought was a haiku about mean people. I posted it on a site where I publish many of my poems. A very nice expert while praising my effort, was kind enough to point out that this was senryu and not haiku. It is currently receiving positive feedback. It's such a basic childlike lesson. I think that is what stands out most in my mind. This is what you would say to a child. But it's a lesson that we adults may need reminded of also. At any rate, I hope you find it relatable:

Mean People

They insult others
A new approach should be used
Just try to act nice