Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twenty thirteen :)

It's here and I hope it is going well for you. I was very pressed to squeeze in one last entry in on New Years Eve. I decided against it to soak up those last precious hours spending time with my family. My husband only worked two and half days the first week of December. We spent the rest of the month having a great time.

As much as I love the discipline of regularly spending introspective time and blogging. I chose the needful thing for the month of December. I chose to spend more time outside of my favorite realm (the world wide web) in order to spend more time present in the real world. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love the internet. It has made the world a much smaller place for me. I get to interact with people from all over the world. Take in viewpoints and mindsets from people I would never be so lucky as to rub elbows with otherwise.

Now on to the point of this particular blog :)

I entered into 2013 feeling different. I felt... more mature. This past year was riddled with some of the greatest triumphs and trials I have ever experieinced. Some of them I shared, some of them I veiled in poetry and cryptic messages, some of them I dealt with amongst my closes friends and family. But I closed out the year with a mental paradigm shift and a new attitude. My current stance on life is to play the cards that life deals you. You have no control over some of the larger issues that are predestined to take place. You have no real control over the actions of others. All you have is your current base of knowledge and the choices you make based on them.

I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures I took throughout the year. Some of them, you may have seen before. It's kind of a birds eye view of the world as I saw it. No real family pictures this time. Most of them are shots I took whilst out and about. My camera was a constant companion this year. A naggingly annoying habit for my husband, until I pointed out it had replaced my previous hobby (shoe shopping)!!!

Look for more from me this year. And in a lot of ways, more OF me. Blessings to you in 2013...

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