Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Series of Boxes

It's wondrous to think that a person's life can be so often be reduced to a series of boxes. Collecting memories and experiences has become more important to me than collecting tangible objects. But that doesn't mean that I don't recognize, that when my life form is reduced to little more than a vapor, the material things I leave behind will be what many people will remember me for. I hope to have amassed a few things that are intriguing to the average eye. Living a life of purpose means obtaining objects that hopefully tell the story of the life you built. 

But as I fill these boxes I continue to see and understand that what has been important in the past is much less important now. When it's time to gather those objects that  matter most, I am in awe of what things transition with me. Who I am, is not who I was. Who I will become is a mystery. An exciting prospect considering I spent so many years trying to become who I wanted to be. It appears I will become who I am supposed to be. I appreciate the feedback of those around me who observe my life principles. I'm learning to accept what is laid before me. I'm on a quest to seek knowledge and wisdom in any given circumstance. By opening myself up to the life intended for me, I now experience less drama, less sorrow, less stress, more love, more peace, and more happiness. There's less of everything I have struggled to avoid, and more of everything I always sought. 

The results are manifesting into the physical realm of the "things" you see around me. I hope my story to those who will judge me by what they see after I am no more, represents a woman they would have wanted to know. A woman that they can learn from even though she is not there to pass on advice or examples. Blessings well xoxo.

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