Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Defining Success

A great conversation with my friend and confidante really got my brain wheels turning today. What is the measure of a persons success? I've come to the conclusion most times it can't be evaluated by anyone other than the individuals themselves. I believe the ultimate success is satisfaction that causes joy concerning what is being evaluated.

As a business owner who spends a lot of time in a competitive sports environment, the measure of a team's success is often viewed as the final score. Who won? Sweet success! Or is it? I've spent years around various experts who have given me greater light in evaluating what's going on. For example, they often feel if they had the most talented kids competing but mitigating factors led to a loss, they consider the team successful. Success for our coaches is contingent upon talent and skill.

I recently had a heart to heart with my children. We were discussing a kid we know who consistently makes very poor choices. Lying deception and manipulation for personal gain, once you understand the ramifications, are serious character flaws in my opinion. I expressed to my brood the measure of my success as a mother is if they turn out to be caring, compassionate, loving people.

I'll have opinions and suggestions on their careers. I'm trying to model a healthy relationship with my husband so they can gleen what they will for their own future partners. I'm hoping they live somewhere I can readily visit when it's time to fly from the nest. But, all of those circumstances are for THEM to navigate. Just give love. Build people up as well as the world around you. Do your part to make the world a better place. That's what will make me feel like every sacrifice I've made was worth it.

I'm surrounded by visionaries, healers, and prophets in my life. My circumstances are ever evolving. My measure of success when it comes to certain goals is as also. But the greatest measure of my life's work at any given time revolves around the joy rooted deeply in me based on my current body of work. Today I declare myself successful. Peace and love friends xoxo....

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