Friday, March 25, 2016

The Taste of Your Tears

As I slept and my mind was unleashed, my subconscious began to explore topics that triggered emotional baggage that still exists in my soul. A revelation to me is there still lies a degree of pain I thought was long ago exorcized. But there it could be found. Not in the forefront of my mind. Not by peeling back layers and layers thru daily meditation. It was found in the taste of my tears. Bitter they were and what a surprise that was. Tears fall and they always reveal something. Sweet tears form when memories and emotions elicit them for beloved persons or events. Cleansing tears flow like baptismal waters to wash away those things keeping you bound to that from which you need to be set free. Bitter tears flow when some element of pain or anger is allowed to fester for to long. Pay attention to your tears. They're telling you something... Peace and love friends xoxo

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