Saturday, August 12, 2017


It's been a couple of months now since I celebrated the big 4-0. I can honestly say I've never been more in love with life. That's not to say that it's prefect. It is however, exactly the life I want to be living. I've taken control of all aspects. It is a life by design. I have never felt more love and support from my circle of family and friends. I feel valued. I work so hard to make sure my people feel genuinely special. I want them to know I care. It's important that they know there's one person in the world who will support and accept them. I do that because it's what I need. I'm lucky to have that from the people my life.

In the weeks leading up to my milestone birthday, I was diligently searching for signs, answers, and information. What did I need to know before embarking on this next phase of life? I think my biggest takeaway has been that it's ok to let go of people who you love dearly, if they are not equally invested in you. It's ok to own your feelings and work thru them independently. There's no shame in whatever your feelings are. But you have to be realistic in your actual dealings with those whom you're not equally yoked with. You're literally hindering your own progress trying to stay closely connected with someone who's not working towards the same goal. Guess what? Letting go feels good! Progress... even painful progress feels better than stagnation. And it definitely feels better than being dragged backwards into the past.

I suppose this revelation is not new for me. I've loathed and lamented many times about this topic. What's changed is my ability to truly release and accept it. Finally I have, and I can declare to you, I'm better off. Peace and love friends xoxo.

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