Saturday, April 27, 2013

Instructions For Living

I've done exercises in the past on letters to a child version of myself, or letters to my children. As I laid in bed this morning I had so many jumbled thoughts coursing through my brain I thought I would write them down. It's not really a letter written to anyone per say just some things that I would like to put in action, if I have not done so thus far.

I think my life's work will be greater than any letter that I could ever write anyone who is looking for helpful hints on success, or even the avoidance of some of my most dismal faliures. I believe that talking personally to the heart of anyone that is open to me may be more effective, even if written words last longer, and can be used for future refernce. So I will speak it, and they can write it, and tuck it away if they deem appropriate.

Spoken words seem to be my most effective form of communication because those with whom I communicate, can better gage the emotional content that comes with said words. Written word is an art form that I will continue to work on because I cannot and will not always have an opportunity to communicate with people face to face.

So I write these words in an effort to share with anyone that would happen across this blog. But I live these words in an effort to live my best life and be a better person going forward. My greatest hope is to be "a person worth knowing". I will not rest until I am better at blessing and helping those people who have been placed in my life.

So here we go...Objectives and directives for living:

You will most assuredly come across people who dislike you. As objectively as you can, spend a moment testing the validity of their opinion to evaluate yourself. If they are right, adjust your offensive ways. If who you are offends, yet you are convinced you don't need to change...separate yourself from them. Never change who you are to meet anyone else's standard. A thoughtful person evaluates their self. They don't need the heaping criticism of a contentious person on top of that.

Own your mistakes. Even if you have one million contributing factors that lead to your poor decision, take personal responsibility for what you have done. If you can fix it. If you cannot fix it. Ask for forgiveness from who were affected. The effects of past mistakes may follow you for years, or the rest of your life. Settle the issues that you can, and make a choice to live gracefully with the consequences of the poor choices that stick with you.

Burn bridges. Love yourself enough to walk away from anyone who does not want to love you the same way. Rejection is more damaging then unrequited love. Not everyone is going to love you back. Not everyone is going to value your friendship. A kind person will direct you to a path that will be more fulfilling to you. A selfish person will repeatedly use your feelings for gain, and walk away when they have no use for you. A kind person will acknowledge they are not in kinship with your feelings and hope you find fulfillment. A selfish person will revel in the fact that they have power over someone and use it to their advantage when they see fit.

Fail. It is better to have failed then never tried in the first place. But fail in wisdom. Fail because you believed you could do what you were trying to accomplish. Fail because you had so much faith in your plan that you didn't see failure as an option. Fail in faith believing that what didn't work out wasn't meant to be. Then use that failure as an opportunity guide you to the guide you to the right path.

Forgive. Even if you don't want to, even if they don't deserve it...forgive those who hurt you. My time is slight compared to others with much more knowledge and wisdom than I. But I have been around long enough to see unforgiveness and hatred destroy people who harbor it. I've heard it said, "Unforgiveness is a poison that you take. Then wait for the other person to die." If you're lucky, you may have opportunities to make the person you won't forgive unhappy along the way. But it's counterproductive to stay miserable yourself in an effort to do so.

Never let go of love. There will be a select and probably very small number of people that you will love on a level that you didn't know existed, until you experience it. Never let them go. Do everything in your power to let only death separate you. Time, space, and various life challenges may cause hiccups in your relationship. But never walk away from those you love, who love you back. Love is a conduit to our spiritual nature that is a direct pipeline to God. It is the gift that keeps on giving. It inspires us in our hopelessness. It motivates us, and gives us the inspiration we need to do and be better people. Thank God for them.

I consider all of these things foundational to a life well lived. I wonder who agrees with me. I wonder what I am leaving out.... If you are so inclined to share your best advice, I'd like to hear it. Thanks for stopping by to read.

Blessing Peace and Love to You... TTFN ;)

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