Friday, April 12, 2013

I have had a few life challenges pop up on my path lately. The past couple of days have been....challenging for lack of better words. We all have our philosophies when it comes to life and God and faith. I try to sit in a seat of non-judgement concerning anyone else's thoughts and views. I will be the first to admit that I have it far from all figured out. But, my faith in God is strong. My dependence on the finished work of Christ for my salvation is set. For those foundational beliefs, I am a woman most grateful.

There are only a handful of people I have enough confidence in to reach out in a time of need. A Clarion call for prayer does not come lightly from me. Not only because I have trust issues, but because I tend to reach out to those who are kindred in my belief system. "Can two walk together unless the be agreed?" {Amos 3:3} My circle, though it be small is full of support.

Yesterday, in the midst of a lower point, right when I could have used someone to lean on, I found myself alone. It served as a most important reminder to me. When I am without my supports, God is there with me. In fact, the crowding of others input and opinions would have probably drowned out what it is HE wanted me to hear. God spoke to my heart yesterday, and gave me understanding and illumination on circumstances that I would have never even seen. Not only that, He put me in a position to be a blessing to someone else. But what it took for me to be in that position was the complete emptying of myself and everything I had.

I had a scary and confusing moment where I doubted what I know he had given me the unction to do. But, by grace I got it done. So here I sit. In the midst of less than opportune circumstances.  I'm hopeful, and humble, and yes even HAPPY. My walk with My God is an ever evolving journey or revelation and fulfillment. I would that everyone in search of fulfillment and understanding find what they need.

Peace and blessings to you my friends.

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