Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Hear You

To whom much is given much is required. These are some of the few words that I have auditorily heard God speak to me. It was years ago. Before I was ever a mother or a wife. Heck I was barely an adult. It was before knew that to be a bible scripture. Or at least before I had it memorized :-)

Happy New Year! No new resolutions to share for I am convinced that I need to stay the course I'm currently on. But I can tell you that when the gravity of the responsibilities that I am currently entrusted with seem too heavy to bear, those words come back to mind.

Prayer, meditation, quality relationships, and faith are the tools I'm using to build my life's work. Learning how to utilize these tools properly is no doubt a learning process. But, what I see when I stand back and evaluate the work is a solid foundation. Moreover I'm FINALLY seeing a structure form beyond the foundation. That makes me both happy and grateful.

So here's to 2016 friends. Whether you're starting over from scratch and coming up with a new life plan, or forging ahead with your current plan, be blessed. Peace and love friends...xoxo

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