Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To Russia with Love

I was checking the statistics page on my blog. It lets me know just exactly where the traffic on my page originates. The vast majority of my traffic comes from the United States. Second to that, is Russia. I get very regular page hits from that country and I think it's very cool.

It is prompting me to research and gain some general knowledge about the country. Information that I learned previously is very limited. I was school aged during the President Reagan era. During that time our country was at odds with Russia (The Cold War). As a result, the little information that I did receive was generally negative. Primarily taught, was that there was an ever impending threat of nuclear war. And that tension between our two countries was very high.

Up until about a year ago. I had a neighbor who was Russian. He was an interesting character. Paul was a hard worker, somewhat sensitive, very opinionated, and strong as an ox. It was not until he passed away that I found out that he was about 20 years older than I assumed. {RIP Paul} I never looked at him and said, this must be what Russian people are like, because I would hate to base an entire group of people on my interaction with one man.

So, now I am making more of an effort to learn about a Russia. The peaked interest is mutual. I can't help but wonder how my musings translate culturally. Like I said when I first started blogging,  I could tell you who I am. But with my demographical list comes a set of preconceived notions. I just write, ramble, observer, or vent.

I have always been fascinated by your architecture. It is impossible to go to the ballet and not think about how Russia sets a standard world wide for that particular art-form. And everyone is aware of the Russian/vodka connection. But i am learning so much more as I examine what your country is all about. I think it is so interesting that so many ethnicities and languages are housed in one place. Some Americans are nothing short of offended that other ethnicities speak any other language than English. It just makes me wonder if other diverse populations are accepting or intolerant of other cultures. I have also come to find out the the arts are very important within Russia. I doubt I have blogged about it, but it is a huge interest of mine as well. The next subject I will explore is cuisine. At this rate, a visit may very well find it's way to my bucket list.

Russia, I look forward to getting to know you just as you are getting to know me...Приятно познакомиться xoxoxo.

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