Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Well it's been a year since I started this blog. Prior to that, I probably spent about a year trying to decide if I was going to do it. I think it was the right choice. Although my traffic right now is not very high. I am happy that people make their way to my page and tool around.  Some people have even been kind enough to give input which has been much appreciated. If you look to the left, of my current webpage layout, you'll see that four lovely souls were so kind as to follow me. Thank you for that!

It's doubtful that I'm changing lives with my words. But, I feel like as I ramble, I'm kind of figuring things out. Perhaps something I have to say will challenge or change someone's point of view. I'm always slightly apprehensive that someone will come across my words and be hugely critical. But I am trying to take criticism both constructive and even just plain old mean criticism. My thought process being, I don't want fear of someone else's judgements to prohibit me from doing anything. So here I am, sticking my chin out. Putting my ideas and opinions out there.

I still struggle with wording, because I have a strong personality, and if I write things as bluntly as I speak, I fear that my written words will be misinterpreted. I'm one of those people who has a strong personality and a soft heart. I picture myself as one of those characters that you have seen in hundreds of movie plots.  You know the one: In my old age,  all of the people I have loved finally figure out that I am a good person, and I was hard on them, because I loved them.

This blog is becoming increasingly therapeutic for me. It gives me an opportunity to really think on the issues and topics I want to relay. In the end, I force myself to stay true to my opinions and observations, because I want to gain from this experience. For the record I have free counseling through my benefits. I really could go to counseling if I chose to do so. But then, only my shrink would have a chance to evaluate what a nut I am!

If you're reading this, I sure would love more feedback this year.