Sunday, October 25, 2015

*Turns the page

I had the strangest occurrence this past week during my meditation. I was in the process of self examination and total honesty. In my meditative state I am 100% open with God about my feelings, my intentions, my actions, my hopes etc... I prefer to go through the disciple of going through the exercise of examining "my chakras". It's an opportunity to look at any spiritual or emotional baggage that may be interfering with my productivity and purpose.

This week as I was going through the 7 chakras I was a combination of surprised and confused that the baggage I have been working so hard to clear was...gone. I have spent so much time trying to keep my chakras clear of this clutter. I actually almost panicked at the feeling of emptiness that they were not there. What now?!?!? I thought. I am clear the clutter, and I am empty. I sat in shock before relief set in. I remembered my goal has been to remove everything that had dissipated.

When you're able to stand back and objectively look at situations, you realize everything is connected, and very little is happenstance. This all happens during the winding down of the course my life has been on for a season. Tomorrow marks the dawn of a new age. Life as I have known and become comfortable living it, is drawing to a close. I am starting a new chapter. My chakras are open and free so that I have room for new people, and new situations.

I have noticed that everything I have been open to receive has materialized lately. It's an exciting time and I am open to the growth, abundance, and success that is on it's way to me. I solicit love, light and prayers as the new phase of my life unfolds. Peace and love friends xoxo...

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