Monday, December 19, 2011

Fa la la la laaaa la la la la

I had an oppportunity to go Christmas caroling several nights ago. Now, I am no Celine Dione, but your girl can hold a tune. This is hands down one of my favorite things to do during the Christmas time. I don't hold fast to a lot of traditions because for me it is a religious observance. Truth be told I could do without most of them. To date I have not bought one gift. I only plan on buying two presents anyway. They are for my niece and nephew and it's only so I can be incorporated into THEIR holiday tradition of gift giving. That's  a totally different subject. The gist of which is, I prefer to do something for those who can't do anything in return for me during the holidays. When it comes to family, I appreciate time will spent and not a focus on material things.

I digress.... As I walked through the halls of a local nursing home, I had an opportunity to make genuine connections with people and it felt wonderful. Human interaction is a life necessity. It's just as important as food, or shelter. Yet in this digital age our literal interactions albeit convenient have also become optional in many cases. I notice that a large portion of our elderly, disabled, and institutionalized people are being left out.

I remember the look on one particular woman's face when we realized it was her birthday. We sang The Birthday Song to her. I watched her face light up, and silently prayed that a treasured loved one had taken the time out of their busy holiday schedule to come and acknowledge her. Truth be told, we didn't even sound all that great as we walked the halls singing and spreading cheer. But we WERE enjoyed.

I certainly don't stand on my soapbox and lecture or look down on anyone as I share this story. I think we could all take more time to look people in the face and smile and connect with them. We all rush sometimes and fail to interpret cues that someone may need a little extra encouragement or attention. I am simply feeling grateful right now that I had an opportunity to show love, and that it was well received.

I've heard the expression that altruism is actually rooted in selfishness. Some say that we do kind acts for others, not especially because of that person. We do kind acts for others because it makes US feel good. I think there is definitely some truth to that theory. I however, choose "to up the ante". From now on when doing kind acts for others, I will not do for them what I want to do. I will not do something kind for others, when it happens to be convenient for me. No, from this point forward I will put forth more effort in doing for others what it is that they actually need or want me to do, if it's within my power.

I don't know if I would actually call this a resolution. Giving and loving should be a lifestyle. But, I am hoping that 2012 will be more fulfilling due to this change. Here's to the New Year, and my resolve to consistently grow, and offer more to the world we share. May your New Year be happy and blessed! xoxoxo


  1. Good for you! Growing up, volunteering wasn't really modeled for us, but I hope to be able to model it for my kids. Thanks for an awesome post! :) happy 2012!

  2. Thank you so much! Happy New Year :)