Thursday, December 8, 2011

Leave Christmas to the Christians

I have been biting my tongue about this long enough. It's time for me to go in on the subject of Christmas. It's not X-mas, it's not a non offensive "Happy Holiday". It's not a secular love fest in which all the self righteous people of the world can take an opportunity to make themselves feel good about the fact that they did something nice for someone else. It is a religious observance that commemorates what Christians believe to be the the greatest gift to mankind. God giving his Son to be our savior.

I know that the tide has changed and it's not necessarily popular to be Christian anymore. But, a lot of us Jesus freaks are getting a bad rap. (thanks a lot Fox News) I can't speak for all Christians but we are not all closed minded ignorant seperatists that sit in judgement of anyone who is not of like faith. Personally, I am not running down anyone trying to shame, judge, or disrespect them because they don't agree with my belief system. I would say my approach is much more like that of Jesus' "whosoever will {wants to} let him come." "Whosoever has an ear {a desire to listen} let him hear." In fact, Jesus was much more concerned about the religious hypocrites of like faith, than those who rejected or held opposing beliefs.

That being said. Christmas is an observance that should have religious meaning. Search my house for one Santa Clause, you won't find it. Because, he has nothing to do with Christmas. I am not anti-Santa. I understand how many try to incorporate the "spirit of giving" into Christmas. But, quite frankly that spirit is, and should be a lifestyle. If I see someone with a need, do you think I am going to wait until December 25th to meet that need? I am not trying to get Christmas credit for doing what I can, to help someone who didn't have food, a coat, or some shoes. And I also don't really see the point of piling material goods upon someone who already has more "stuff" than they know what to do with. There is no significance to me giving them one more thing. What I will try to give someone in that position is love. Genuine heart felt love. I think they are more likely to need that. We all do.

 I hope that others enjoy the holidays that have religious or personal significance to them. I even want to know more about them. I wish them happiness during their observance. But you won't catch me bogarting in on their holiday and trying to redefine how it should be done.

In a time where there is a consensus not to judge others, which subsequently a lot of Evangelicals take flack for, since some outspoken Christians try to force their beliefs on others, I think it's pretty ironic that secular people have tried to take our holiday over and align it with their version of the "politically correct non-offensive" way to celebrate it. To them I unashamedly proclaim that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Go grab yourself a Festivus pole, and shine that baby up if your looking for a mundane reason to party, shop, and take time off from work. Leave Christmas to the Christians!

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