Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I had a great conversation with my best friend today about how you can track success and failure throughout generations of families. We referred to them as generational blessings/curses. Often times a family is known for accomplishments or failures that are passed on for many years.

The context of our conversation came full circle this evening. Today marks the 25th anniversary of my mother in law's death. I never had the pleasure of meeting her. But she is definitely a cornerstone in the minds of her children, and their conversation.

From what I understand. Norma was a loving soul who never let a child in need stay that way. She used her influence and her resources to take care of those who were suffering. This mother of five was a spiritually devout woman of great faith. She did her best to impart a sense of entrepreneurship and independence in them all.

She taught her four son's to cook and clean and take care of themselves as good as, if not better than any woman ever could so that "They could get married IF they wanted to. Not because they needed to." She taught her daughter (now a prison warden) leadership and independence for many of the same reasons.

Little did her children know that breast cancer would rip her from their lives during their teenage years. Little did they know that all of those life lessons would have to be put to use as they were thrust into adulthood prematurely. But those lessons have stuck with them.

This evening 25 years later. Norma's son who migrated from a third world country to "The Land of Opportunity" stepped on a field as business owner and entrepreneur. He started the first competitive team based in his city, and lead them to a victory solidifying their winning season and qualifying them for league playoffs. In addition, it was her grandson that pulled the team into the lead with an amazing eleventh hour goal. I am happy and blessed to be connected to the generational blessings I see being poured out on this family.

My life...even better than fiction :)

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