Friday, August 17, 2012

It's a Big World

There is nothing like a trek into an enchanted forest . It reminds me of how small I really am. I fluctuate  from feeling like I am largely important, to feeling tiny and insignificant.

Both perspectives are necessary for me at any given time. When I am feeling large and powerful, it's like there is no limit to what I am capable of doing. My self confidence and motivation have fueled me toward accomplishments I never expected to achieve. When my feelings of importance dwindle, humility allows me to see my flaws, and strive for improvements.

As a spiritual woman, I of course, believe there is divine order in our lives. But, things don't necessarily just  happen to us. We have a role to play in accomplishing our purpose. I also believe that there is a design even greater than we often perceive at work. We are a part of something larger than our personal ambitions.

  I see a parallel concept in this tree growing out of the rock. It was a seed that was supposed to grow, because that is the natural order of things. However in order to do so, it had to bend and acclimate to maintain it's existence. Be that seed. Hang on, push, persevere, inspire, live.

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