Monday, September 14, 2015

Suicide Prevention Week

It would be remiss of me to go this entire week without encouraging anyone who struggles with depression, or any mental illness that potentially leads to suicide. I've lost a relative to these tragic circumstances. I've seen the aftermath of yet another loved one who attempted the same fate. And to be frank I've had days when it was just damn hard to keep breathing myself.

Encouraging words don't always help. Sometimes medical or psychological assistance is needed. There's NO SHAME in that. If insulin is ok when your kidneys are malfunctioning. If contacts or glasses can correct your vision. If a couch and a conversation, or a pill to balance your brain chemistry will restore psychological balance...then go for it!

The world has much to offer. And YOU have much to offer the world. Stay with us. You are important. We need you. Peace and love xoxo...

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