Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Doin' Me

I'm probably the least competitive person you will ever meet. Not one shred of my being strives to compare myself or my life to anyone else's. For me it's always been about sitting down and figuring out exactly what I want in life, and crafting a plan to make it happen. I am fulfilled, satisfied, and happy when I accomplish things I've set out to do. It's not that I want to be disengaged from other people. I just recognize the path to personal fulfillment is just that... personal. Why would I wake up everyday at the butt-crack of dawn to workout because that's what Sally does? I'm not a morning person. I love fitness. I want to be healthy. But I, to put it lightly, am not a morning person...at...all.... In almost 40 years I've never been a morning person. I doubt that'll ever change. Right now I wake up pre-dawn to make my hard working amazing husband's lunch. Then I go back to bed. It's my commitment to my health and my discipline that drives me to set aside time to workout. More power to ya Sally girl for your 5 a.m excursions. If that's what you contribute your healthful success to, then hats off. But I'm a much happier and equally healthy person doing things My Way.

Question my ambition if you must, but I just don't see how rushing to complete the same actions as someone else can contribute to my happiness. Rushing to marry someone who doesn't love you whole heartedly just because you want to be married is nothing short of a recipe for disaster. Buying a house when you have a nomadic spirit is pointless.

It takes all types of people to make the world go 'round. People who are fueled by competition and comparisons to others may in fact be some of the most accomplished and in some aspects successful. But it still begs the question are you HAPPY?  All too often I don't here the answer yes. So I think I'll keep traipsing along doing my own thing. You'll find more successful individuals. You'll find those who do the same things that I do better than I can do it. But you'll be hard pressed to find anyone happier 😆. Peace and love friends...

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