Sunday, October 4, 2015


All the signs around me indicate I'm coming into an age of new beginnings. I've seen the blueprint. What an odd thing it is to see the things you've prayed so earnestly for materialize. To be truthful (I'm glad in this moment I have so little traffic to my blog lol) I've been afraid and trying to turn back. My accomplishments over the past few years are a source of pride for me. However, I'm still feeling a sense of lack. I know there is more that I can/should be doing. As opportunities have began to open up for me, completely new unforseen paths have emerged. They are paths I didn't see from a distance yet they are undeniably answers to prayers I have laid at God's feet. I found myself trying to revert back to the status quo. And every time new signs almost miraculous signs would show up. I came to a place where I was almost ready to shut everything that's in motion down. Low and behold more signs... I simply had to accept that it's time for me to start this new phase. Even if I feel fear, I'm going to forage ahead. So now I'm moving forward in faith with a positive attitude and expectations of great things happening.

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