Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP Whitney

I don't want to be redundant. But, as I was saying, there is a group of people to whom Whitney is so special. I spent time yesterday just listening to her music. Remembering why certain songs were so significant to me. Cherishing the memories that were attached to the music.

I looked through images of her over the years. Most of them were very flattering. There were also pictures of some of her really low points. Through it all, there were so many people who were sad for her. People that were hopeful that she would be able to get back on path of success. I for one was very inspired when she made her last attempt to rise to the top. Her voice was deeper and raspier, but her spirit was just as open and magnetic as always. Instantly I was emotional listening to her song that stated that she was not built to break. Once again, she hit the nail on the head. Her message was totally relatable.

When it comes to artistry I tend to divide people into two groups. There are those who showcase their talent. And there are those who share their talent. Whitney shared her gift of music with the world. When I watched her perform her arms were often raised in supplication. It was as if she was opening herself up to her God given talent. There were other times where she with outstretched arms, gave to the people. It was if she were trying to impart her heart's sentiment. And, I felt it.

To not hide or be selfish with your talents, is a wonderful gift to share. For her it was music, acting, and entertainment. But I have always taken away from people like her, that we should all do the same with our gifts and callings. I'm still in the process of learning who I am, and what I have to offer to the rest of the world. But I will give, as revelation is given to me.

Rest In Peace Whitney. And thank you.

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