Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday's Baby...Tomorrow's Man

This is my first born. He's a turning another year older. Motherhood exposed me to a level of love  I didn't know existed. With that revelation, came the desire to live my life in a way that would inspire him. I don't know how much of his fantastic nature is a result of my influence. But, I can say that he is a dynamic child whom his teachers refer to as "upper echelon in social status amongst his peers." I tell people he has the potential to be the next President, or P Diddy. I am just praying that he channels all of his energy into a positive and productive path. Our private conversations leave me inspired and proud. He is progressively making more of his own choices. The intricacies of his decisions are very well thought out. I acknowledge that it's time for a shift to take place in my parenting style. It's time for him to make gradually tougher life choices, while I attempt to trust the life lessons we've instilled. My hope is that the foundation we laid will contribute to good judgement, and a life well lived.

They say a picture says 1,000 words. Y'all see what I'm working with. PRAY FOR ME!!! :)

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