Sunday, February 19, 2012

She REALLY IS on Her Soapbox Today

Please allow me a moment to step up on my soapbox and do what I started this blog to do....RANT! This has been one heck of a week for me. I was almost ready to shut everyone from the outside world completely out. I just found myself so disheartened by a lack of compassion everywhere I turned.

I don't know when it happened, but more and more often I am seeing common sense take a back seat. It seems as if quickly summarizing and aligning yourself to a group is just an easier way to deal with or discount people. Therefore, you have political parties, races, nationalities, or religious sects of people who lock arms and support each other, with little or no thought to what any given issue is actually about.  Just because you and I share the same skin color, or nationality does not mean that I can support you in whatever foolishness you are promoting.

I truly started doubting myself this week. Am I living in a dream world? Does my quest to move in love and treat each person as an individual unrealistic? I just don't understand how people can't see that the lack of compassion they give would feel so terrible if they were on the receiving end of things.

To a certain extent, all I can do is attribute these actions to laziness and apathy. It's easier for some to move as a block group. It's easier to get results as a block group. But what have you gained if said results aren't really what you wanted in the first place? Is it easier to ignore an economic emergency, or social circumstance to say that your political party is in power? It is easier to condemn others and damn their ways, as long as you think you're walking down heaven's road? Is it fine that other people are offended by your words if you slam someone's frailties and faults even though none of us are perfect? We all have an area of our lives in which we struggle.

Just because you're a conservative I will not assign to you excellent moral character. Just because you're liberal I will not assume that you're elitist, or even worse yet, looking for some type of hand out. Just because you attend regular church, synagogue, or mosque services I can't assume you're friendly, and have a mind to serve others. Just because you're white I won't assume that you feel superior to other people. Just because you're black I won't assume that you're angry and aggressive. Just because you're a woman I am not going to assume you're emotional.

It sure seems as if people who spew negativity towards anyone who is different are not that happy. Besides, I have been pleasantly surprised and enriched by connecting with people who at first glance didn't have anything in common with me. I don't find it exhausting to take each person I meet at face value.  I'm going to have to stay the course I am currently on.