Friday, May 3, 2013

Fast Forward

February 22, 2011

May 2, 2013
Two years ago we were born. We had 11 players on our roster. Most of them had come across us from other clubs, or heard through the great vine about what this man and the kids he coached were capable of. It started with a vision birthed from passion. It's progressing into a proud legacy....and with God's grace a family empire.

There is something to be said of people who take a risk with you. People who trust you enough to entrust their most precious possession, their child, to your care. Those 11 players has spiraled to a group of more than 50 on a good day.  Working with them is not a charge we take lightly.

The challenges we face not only make us stronger, they make us closer. Mixing business savvy, financial forecasting, a passion for soccer, and high levels of testosterone together to form a family business is not always easy. Discovering the nature of people...more importantly parents is a learning process for sure. But we're doing it. And we're growing and we're happy.

"I'm married to my best friend." It's an expression I hear couples use all the time. I an not married to my best friend. She's been around for years. I've known her since we were 11 years old. She's been there for me during my darkest hours as well as some of my best days. I have no intention on trading her in for a new model. "I married my first love." Another expression I'm unable to use. I've loved before even if all was lost. He may not be my best friend, or my first love but he is very quickly working his way up the ranks as my hero......

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