Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chapter Summary

If life had a theme for me right now I would say it centered around betrayal. I have seen and even experienced it on so many levels lately. Surprisingly, I feel...ok. Once upon a time, the very thought of betrayal had the ability to hold my mind, and grip me with fear. I could think of few things worse. I am very slow to trust others. So the thought of being unequally yoked in my friendships, relationships, kinships, and even acquaintanceships was to be avoided at all costs. The cost being a termination of a relationship.

Time has taught me that life really does occur in phases. There are chapters that come to an end. The way things are right now, will not last always. Additionally, the fragility of my own moral fabric is allowing me to deal with others more empathetically than I could have ever expected. I look at situations I have faced. I see circumstances that others have undergone and I am trying to understand why people have acted underhandedly. Very often, I don't agree with their reasoning...but I am able to logically understand.

Finding yourself of the tail end of another person's betraying actions is still an unideal place to be. But, as life goes on, I'm finding that it's not and end all to some relationships... It's amazing how forgiveness can find it's way into a heart that has been broken. I believe forgiving is fundamental to turning the page on that chapter, and moving on to the next one.

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