Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cherish The Day

Regardless of the weather, my family faithfully attends our city's Memorial Day Parade. We feel it is the least we can do to give honor to this country's brave men and women in uniform. It's nice to have a 3 day weekend. It's one of the few holidays that I know I get to spend with my husband and children every year. But I really, try to keep the meaning of this holiday all about those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I have an entire summer to fire up the grill. For me, a perfectly grilled meal, or well planned cookout will never take precedence over what this day is all about.

I show up to this parade, start snapping photos, and can't wait to get home and examine the faces of the brave vets. I wonder what I will be able to see in their faces. I wonder what their story is. What was the personal price they paid for my freedom? I am overwhelmed with gratitude for anyone who answers the call to serve and protect. I look in my children's faces, and wonder if it's a call that will tug on their hearts one day. I won't even pretend that the thought of being a military mom isn't frightening. It's actually more than I can bear to process with one high school aged child, and another young teenager. But, I trust that if one of my children are called to served I will be allotted some measure of God's grace that mothers in that position are given.

Here are some pictures of local heros who participated in my community parade. My son also had the honor of being recruited by a local drum corps. I can't resist throwing in a picture or 2 of him as well :) God Bless these service people. And God Bless the USA.

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