Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stuck in the Middle

In our ever evolving society,  I am at a social media crossroad. Now comfortably in my mid 30's I have found a host of interesting people to interact with. Some of them are a source of inspiration. Others provide much needed comedic relief. While others still, are so brainy and intellectual, I can't help but try and stretch my mind and expand my knowledge base.

However, social media also is proving to have some serious draw backs. Half of my children are now teenagers. That means they want to engage in social media as well. I'm not their friends in real life. So no...I don't want to be their Facebook friend either. They answer to me and not vice versa. So there are certain sites that I definitely don't care to connect with them on.

In addition to that caveat, there are former classmates and acquaintances I have linked up with. Although it has been amazing to reconnect with old friends from yesteryear, it's painful to watch many of them spiral into what seems to be the onset of their mid life crisis'. Sometimes I just want to say, I'm sorry that you didn't get enough time in the bar during your youth because you were so busy having babies or chasing Mr./Mrs. Wrong/Right, but get your butt out of there, and go home to your family. Your party scene pictures are pitiful not provocative. Your wonder bra is working wonders, but anyone in our age group know's what's really going on under that shirt. I'm sure your wife would be thrilled if she knew about all of your shady inbox conversations with other women. Your sub-tweets are not as subtle as you would think my friends.

Little girls, I don't want to be your friend, nor watch you push your newly budding cleavage on the world. Middle age women, I don't want to see your cleavage either. Let younger ladies look at you and try to emulate an ambitious respectable woman that can walk the fine line of independence sprinkled with a feminine touch  of humility and genuine kindness. It takes work to balance that persona (I'm still trying myself).  Little boy's your not a boss. You're failing math, and if you don't start focusing on your studies, you will never be a boss. Married middle age guys, get in shape, a promotion, and try to garner the attention of your wife only. Your materials goods are the only things that are actually attractive to younger women. Women your age that are looking your way are damaged goods. They are trying to entice you due to their own baggage. Your not as great as you would believe outside of the realm of the family that you support. And, they should be enough.

I'm pretty sure I don't want to sign on to any additional social media outlets. Although I want to stay current and comfortable with technology, I am thinking about streamlining the venues that I use. It's seems like a better fit to monitor some of the newer increasingly popular sites that my children want to engage. I enjoy meeting and connecting with people near and far. I'm very glad that I am active on social media. I also like the functions that each site in which I participate provides. They all have their own culture. Each of them allows me to explore some portion of my personality in which I enjoy indulging. But the bottom line is this: Nothing beats picking up the phone and chatting with my best friend about any and every thing we can think of to talk about. And nothing beats cuddling up with my love at the end of the day for a real life personal connection.

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