Friday, May 10, 2013

Thank You Thank You Thank You

 I think there are some pretty important things you can do to be a source of motivation to others. What is any successful person with out a good support group? The last time I contacted my children's teachers en masse was after the Newtown, CT shootings. Sure, I keep in touch with them all on a regular basis. I do my best to be a support and work with them for the benefit of my kids. But, I also want to be a support to them just because they have chosen to affect the lives of all children. This week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I went out and bought donuts for each of my kids' perspective teaching communities. It was just a small token and really the least that I could do. It takes a special person to go into a classroom day in and day out and mold and shape the minds of the next generation. Those who do it for the love and passion of kids deserve to be honored and uplifted. I hope they are given many years, and many souls to affect. 

We need to be a source of Inspiration
Make sure we show our Adoration
Do these things consistently without Deviation
Let our kind words be a sort of Donation
Be sure to promote other without Reservation
Find the silver lining in every Situation
Then hopefully one will feel Gratification

Never underestimate the power of THANK YOU!

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