Monday, May 6, 2013

Rx for Stress

I learned during my studies in Psychology that often the body will tell you there's something wrong, even before you are mentally ready to acknowledge it. I was feeling so nervous and stressed yesterday. I decided to pop into my local pharmacy and make sure my blood pressure is under control. Don't let the fresh face fool ya. I'm sure you've heard the old adage, "black don't crack." Slow aging is a blessing, and it runs in my family genes, but I am no spring chicken.

I was very happy to see that all of my stats were well within normal limits. I take my health seriously. I do the best I can to eat healthy and stay active. I have friends and associates popping up with diagnoses of everything from breast cancer, to hypertension. I know taking care of myself is a must. Not to mention, I cannot own a sports club and be out of shape.

I believe in taking care of oneself. Stress is the root of so many health problems. I was very scared to sit down and check my vitals. Afraid that I am unsuccessfully managing all of the responsibilities that I am juggling. There is a calculated risk to pushing yourself to grow/ move in faith when you have visions for your life. I'm glad that the measures I take to safeguard my health are working. A call to my physician for a consult and testing was not a road I wanted to travel.

For now I will continue put forth my best effort in taking care of my family and myself. And luckily I will continue to treat my "stress" with my normal prescribed remedies. My Rx being... a good support system, fine (ok cheap) wine, dark chocolate, and ooo la la some good lovin'! :)

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